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Nutritional Supplements

Virginia Eyecare Center offers nutritional supplementation for Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Dry Eye Syndrome


Macular Degeneration

VitEyes AREDS 2 vitamins follow the exact formulation from the newest National Institutes of Health AREDS 2 study, and offer a Zinc free option, which is important for some of our patients. We do not recommend starting any Macular Degeneration vitamin unless it is specifically recommended by your eye doctor. We recommend genetic testing, performed at our office with a simple cheek swab, before starting a Macular Degeneration vitamin to determine both your risk level and whether you will benefit from the formula containing zinc or the formula without zinc. When taken as prescribed, these vitamins can aid in the decreased progression of Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
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Dry Eye Syndrome

Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals (PRN) Dry Eye Omega Benefits is an Omega 3 Fatty Acid Fish Oil supplement that may help reduce the chronic inflammation that is a hallmark of Dry Eye Syndrome. We carry a liquid formulation with a recommended daily dose of 1 teaspoon/day. We have found that our patients have a better experience with the liquid Omega 3, as opposed to other Omega 3 supplements, which require patients to swallow large pills several times a day.


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